Meet Kyle.  Your new gay best friend.



West of Me

Kyle Meyers left his small town in Wisconsin to pursue his dream of becoming a fashion designer. With two suitcases and $100, he begins his journey at design school. Along the way, he makes lasting friendships, meets a porn star, finally hooks up with Glitter Boy, goes on a bevy of first dates and works for a string of evil bosses. This offbeat coming of age tale is a valentine to the moments, people, and crazy situations that can only happen in New York.



Having just lost his job (again), Kyle is headed to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving with the family. Back in his hometown, he remembers the disastrous dates, hilarious situations, mistakes and sidesteps made and the curious people he met on his journey. Flooded with memories of the life he had before moving to New York City, he rediscovers it’s never too late to hit the reset button.


No Worse For Wear

 Kyle Meyers is back.  And he’s broke, jobless, recently dumped and about to turn 40.  What could possibly go wrong?  Follow Kyle around New York City as he puts the pieces back together, one date, job and awkward situation at a time.  Funny, heartbreaking, and unflinchingly honest, No Worse For Wear is a postcard to starting over at any age.